4 Issues that Mean it's Time for Suspension Repair


The suspension system not only provides you with a comfortable ride, but also a safer one. The suspension is tasked with keeping all four wheels on the ground at any given time, ensuring that your vehicle can adequately brake at a moment's notice. It is also up to the suspension system to keep your vehicle up right while cornering. There are special parts that shift the car's center of gravity to avoid roll overs during any maneuvering. The following signs of suspension trouble are serious safety concerns that need to be addressed right away by an expert auto technician.

Oil on the Struts

Struts utilize a special oil to allow them to absorb all the bumps and cracks that line American roadways. If the oil is able to leak from the struts due to a crack or some other malfunction you will soon begin to feel every rock that your vehicle rolls over. If your ride seems a little rough give the struts a little rub down to see if you can spot a leak.

The Car Dips

If one corner of your vehicle seems to be low but the tires all seem to be fully inflated it is likely that the shocks or struts have given up and collapsed on themselves. This will cause your vehicle to drift, which is a major control issue that needs to be corrected. This problem will also cause your tires to wear out more quickly than they should.

Rollover Feeling

One of the scarier symptoms of suspension trouble is the sensation that your vehicle is going to roll over while cornering. The anti-sway bar is tasked with shifting the center of gravity of your vehicle during high-speed maneuvering in order to prevent the loss of control that could occur while driving around the corner. If this particular part fails you will soon encounter this gut wrenching feeling.

Bounce Test

If you think that you are having some sort of suspension issue you can test your hypothesis by giving your vehicle a bounce test. Simply push on the hood or the trunk of your vehicle to get it to start bouncing up-and-down. Once you stop pushing on the car it ought to return to a normal ride height within 3 to 4 bounces. If it continues to move up and down much more than that then you can bet on there being some sort of failure within the suspension system.

At the first sign of suspension trouble be sure to contact your local auto repair shop in order to get the issue resolved and ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. If you need suspension repair in Sacramento for your import or domestic vehicle contact the crew at Freeport Automotive. We will be happy in assisting you to make sure that your vehicle's ride is safe, reliable and comfortable. Give us a call at (916) 389-2405 to schedule expert auto repair in Sacramento today!

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