Car Won't Start? Here's 5 Common Reasons Why!


Car Won't Start? Here's 5 Common Reasons Why!OK, first things first... is there gas in the tank? Good, now that we have that cleared out of the way let's dig a little deeper into why you daily driver suddenly doesn't want to start. Many no-start issues can be easily diagnosed based on what happens when you turn the key. Other problems can be a bit more tricky to figure out. Either way, the following are five of the most common causes of no start situations.

Dead Battery

The most probable cause of a no-start is a dead battery. If the battery is weak the engine may crank very slowly when you turn the key, before finally coming to a stop completely. If the battery is completely dead then nothing will happen when the key is turned. Additionally the lights, radio and other electronics won't work when the battery is dead. Batteries do need to be replaced from time to time, but chances are that you'll be able to get going with a jump start.

Failed Starter Motor

The starter motor is fed an electrical charge when the key is turned, at which point it actuates its pinion gear to spin the flywheel, which gets the pistons in the motor moving up and down. If the starter fails you'll generally hear a loud click or series of clicks when the key is turned, but the motor won't move.

Malfunctioning Alternator

The alternator is what generates electrical power as the engine runs. If it stops working the battery will quickly be drained of its power, resulting in a no start situation. Signs of alternator failure are similar to that of a dead battery, but you may experience strange problems with the vehicle's power options and a jump start may only work once.

Bad Ignition

If the ignition switch fails then the whole starting system will be down. Common signs of ignition trouble are flickering dash lights or a difficult to turn key.

Fuel Delivery Issue

Lastly, the car needs gas to get the engine running, right? If fuel can't get there then you aren't going anywhere. If you turn the key and the engine turns over and over and over but doesn't fire, it's likely due to a fuel delivery problem. Your vehicle may have a bad fuel pump, a clogged fuel filter or dirty fuel injectors.

If your car won't start you can have it towed to Freeport Automotive for expert no-start auto repair in Sacramento. Our full service auto repair shop is staffed by ASE certified techs who can diagnose and fix any issue that is preventing your car from running. To learn more or to schedule quality auto repair in Sacramento feel free to give us a call at (916) 389-2405 today.

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