5 Serious Signs of it is time for Cooling System Repair


The cooling system in your car or truck has an extremely important job. It keeps the engine temperature regulated during operation to prevent it from quite literally melting itself. In most vehicles the cooling system consists of a radiator, fan, a thermostat, water pump and a series of hoses that coolant runs through in order to keep the heat down inside the engine. A faulty cooling system can lead to serious engine trouble, such as a blown head gasket, or worse, complete engine failure, which would require extensive repair. At the first sign of cooling system trouble, which may include the following, be sure to head to your local auto repair shop to have the issue resolved.

Rising Temperature Gauge

Your dashboard is full of information about your car, including the current temperature of the engine. If this gauge shows that your engine is running hot you'll want to pull over immediately to let your car cool down. Contact a mechanic about what you should do next. They may advise you to drive to the nearest auto shop, or have the car towed.

Steaming Hood

Another sign of overheating, which is what happens if the cooling system can't do its job, is steam spewing from under the hood. This usually indicates boiling coolant and it should cause you to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. You'll want to let the car rest and perhaps add coolant to the system.

White Exhaust Smoke

If there is a coolant leak inside the engine that is allowing the liquid to be burnt up in the combustion chamber it will cause your car to emit white exhaust smoke. This means that your vehicle is operating on less than ideal levels of coolant and will eventually result in overheating issues.

Low Coolant Levels

As a general part of auto maintenance you should regularly check the various fluids your car uses to operate, including coolant. If it is found that coolant levels are low it may mean that the liquid is being burnt up or is leaking from somewhere else. Talk to a mechanic about getting this issue resolved before it turns into a bigger problem.

Visible Coolant Leak If you spot a bright green, sweet smelling liquid dripping from your vehicle you've just discovered a coolant leak. Get your car to your mechanic as soon as possible to avoid a need for major engine repair.

Cooling system repairs should never be put off. If you need professional cooling system or radiator repair in Sacramento get in touch with the team of skilled mechanics at Freeport Automotive. We offer bumper to bumper import and domestic auto repair and maintenance for all cars, trucks and SUVs. Give us a call today at (916) 389-2405 to request an appointment for superior auto repair in Sacramento or to request a free estimate.

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