Common Vibrations that Indicate Car Trouble


Common Vibrations that Indicate Car TroubleThere are many ways that a vehicle may communicate issues to their driver. Common symptoms of trouble include strange smells, weird sounds or dashboard indicator lights. Still, other issues will present as a shaking or vibrating. It is important to always pay attention to the signs that your car could be suffering from some sort of aches or pain. If you do notice shaking or vibrating it's likely a result of one of the following issues, but head to an auto shop for proper diagnostics and repair.

Brake pedal vibration

A vibrating brake pedal is often caused by a warped brake rotor. The rotor is what the brake pads squeeze against to generate the friction that slows the vehicle. If the rotors are warped the pads will have much less surface area to squeeze, resulting in increased stopping distances. Braking issues should be resolved immediately as they become noticed.

Gas pedal vibration

A shaking or vibrating gas pedal is often a sign of an exhaust leak. This sensation is caused by the escaping fumes reverberating throughout the vehicle. An exhaust leak can greatly reduce fuel economy, result in performance issues and could put you at risk of health issues, since exhaust fumes are very poisonous.

Shaking steering wheel

If your steering wheel rocks back and forth there is good reason to believe that your vehicle is suffering from an alignment issue. Poor wheel alignment can be caused by general driving of many miles, but it more likely to be the result of a run in with a pothole, curb or due to another accident. The reason the steering wheel shakes is because at least one tire is pointing in a direction different from the others, thus pulling the car in multiple directions.

Tire vibration

If it seems like one tire is vibrating, or one corner of your car is shaking, it is probable that there is an issue with the suspension, axle, ball joints or other components that make up the steering and drive system. Further diagnostics will be necessary to pinpoint trouble like this. If you ever feel something shaking that shouldn't be, head to the auto shop. For professional auto repair in Sacramento reach out to Freeport Automotive. Our team is driven to help our customers keep their cars running safely and reliably by providing expert auto diagnostics and repair. Give us a call at (916) 389-2405 to schedule superior auto repair in Sacramento today.

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