Why Does My Battery Keep Dying?


Batteries are a daily part of our lives. From the ones in the TV remote to the ones that power our vehicles, we utilize them without batting an eye. While changing the TV remote batteries seems like a logical thing to do if it stops working; if a car battery dies you may actually question what happened, especially if it is a repetitive occurrence. A car battery has a pretty important job as it provides all the necessary electrical power to get your car started as well as power accessories when the car isn't running. If the battery goes dead once it can often be attributed to leaving a door ajar or the lights on, but a battery that dies over and over generally indicates a larger problem. Here are the four most common reasons batteries go dead in vehicles.

Corroded Terminals

Intermittent battery problems are often caused by corrosion or dirt on the battery's terminals. This can be easily resolved by simply cleaning the terminals with a wire brush and ensuring a tight connection between both the positive and negative cables and terminals.

Stuck Relay

Many parts in modern vehicles utilize a relay in order to engage or restrict the flow of electricity that powers the part. If a relay becomes stuck in the on position it means that the part will continue to draw power, even when the vehicle is off. This means electricity that is stored in the battery will be sent to the part with a stuck relay. Not only will this kill the battery but it can also result in a need to replace the part receiving the electricity as it may become damaged from continuously running.

Interior Light Sensors

Lot of newer vehicles have a system that turns on interior lights when the vehicle is turned off and electricity from the battery will continue to flow to power windows and locks and other accessories until a sensor picks up that the driver's door is opened and closed, assuming the driver left the vehicle. If this sensor goes bad or fails to acknowledge the driver has left it can result in all these parts continuing to feed off the battery's power, eventually draining it.

Occupant Error

Of course the number one reason a battery will die is because of human error. Leaving the headlights on or a door ajar can result in the battery dying in a fairly short amount of time. This is also true if the radio is played for an extensive amount of time while the car's ignition is in the "on" position but the engine is not running! Always make sure your lights are off and doors are snugly closed before walking away from your car!

Remember though, batteries do have a general lifespan so if you find your battery dying on a regular basis it may just be time for a replacement. If you need a battery check in Sacramento come see the ASE certified team at Freeport Automotive. We offer expert diagnostics and auto repair for most makes and models. Give us a call at (916) 389-2405 to make an appointment for professional auto maintenance in Sacramento today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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