3 Signs of Power Steering Failure


3 Signs of Power Steering FailureToday's vehicles are monuments of modern technology that provide drivers with an easy way to get from point A to point B. There are numerous systems within vehicles that make the driving experience very simple, convenient and comfortable. One of the most intriguing systems that has been developed over the past few decades is the power steering system. It makes it very easy to maneuver a vehicle at any speed. If you run into any of these issues that represents a potential problem with the power steering system do not hesitate to visit your local auto repair shop as problems with this system are a serious safety concern due to the lack of control that could arise.

Shaking Steering Wheel The power steering system utilizes a belt and a pump in order to push hydraulic fluid that turns the wheels to make steering the vehicle more simple. If you suffer from a shaking steering wheel it could be an indicator that the belt in the system is worn or is missing some teeth. You can test the belt by stopping your vehicle and putting it in neutral and turning the steering wheel all the way left and then all the way right to see if there is a particular spot where the steering wheel begins to shake. If there is this indicates the general area where the belt is having some sort of trouble.

Hard to Turn Steering Wheel Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of power steering failure is a hard to turn steering wheel. This is most often caused by a failed power steering pump but be sure to check the power steering fluid reservoir to ensure there is the proper amount of fluid in it in order to allow for the system to be properly operated. However, it is important to check a few other things that could cause this particular issue. Low tire pressure or wheel alignment problems can both make steering more difficult.

Whining Noise During Cornering A whining sound the occurs while turning your vehicle most often indicates a failed or failing power steering pump. In order to maintain proper vehicle control and ensure a safe ride you should visit the auto repair shop right away to have this problem properly diagnosed and repaired.

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