What does the suspension do?


What does the suspension do?There are so many different systems in modern vehicles. The engine generates the power, the transmission gets the power to the wheels, the brakes slow you down, the radiator keeps the engine cool and so on and so forth. But what does the suspension do? It seems pretty simple, it's there to provide a smooth ride, right? Well yes, but it does much more than that. In order to allow the suspension to perform the following functions the system needs to be properly maintained by a local auto mechanic. However, one of the most noticeable signs you need suspension repair is a bumpy ride. Here are the main functions of the suspension system, which is why you should always have it repaired if you believe it is experiencing any trouble.

Better Cornering

The suspension system allows vehicles to turn corners without rolling over by shifting the center of gravity of the car, truck or SUV. This is done by the shock absorber and the anti-sway bar. The anti-sway bar connects the two sides of a vehicle's suspension along the axle and each side counteracts up and down movements of the other in order to reduce roll.

Improved Braking

The suspension system is designed to keep all four wheels on the ground while going over bumpy or rough roads and while cornering. Your vehicle's brake power is distributed over all four wheels, so if one isn't on the ground it reduces your vehicle's braking power, even for a split second.

Smooth Ride

Of course, it might feel like you were riding a horse if your vehicle had no suspension. The primary function of the suspension system is to absorb all the bumps and cracks in the road to give you a smooth ride. If your vehicle seems a little stiff while traveling down the road it may be time for new leaf springs, shock absorbers or air ride suspension!

What are the signs of failing suspension?

There are a few main things that will let you know your suspension needs repair. The main one is an excessively bumpy ride. However there are a couple other signs. Oil on the struts is a sign they need to be replaced or if your whole car or one corner of your car rides low it may indicate failed suspension.

Good suspension is necessary for a safe and smooth ride. If your car seems to bounce around a little too much while traveling down the road it may be time for suspension service. For expert suspension repair in Sacramento visit the team at Freeport Automotive. We will take great care of your car at our full service auto repair shop, no matter what it needs. Give us a call at (916) 389-2405 to schedule professional auto repair in Sacramento.

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