4 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Repair


The suspension system of your car is responsible for several important tasks. Not only does it provide you with a comfy ride but also a safe one. The suspension absorbs the bumps and dips in the road while also ensuring that all four tires remain on the ground at all times, providing for adequate braking power any time it is needed. It is also what keeps your vehicle upright while going around corners. In order to keep your vehicle safe to drive it's important to take care of any suspension problems as they become apparent. The following are 4 of the most common signs of suspension failure.

Oily Struts

If you find that the car is bouncing excessively try rubbing your hand or a rag over the struts. You might find an oily substance on them. This is a special fluid that helps to absorb the roads uneven surfaces and maintain an ideal ride height. If it leaks out of the struts the suspension will be unable to perform this task. A leak will require replacing the struts.

Rolling Sensation when Cornering

The suspension is tasked with preventing the vehicle from rolling over or otherwise losing control during cornering. It does this by shifting the car's center of gravity using the anti-sway bar. If this part were to fail there would be a very real chance that you could roll your car while going around a bend.

One Corner of the Car is Low

When you view your car from a distance it should never appear as if one corner is lower than the other. If it does, your first instinct will likely be to assume there is a flat tire. If all the tires appear to be properly inflated the next problem your mind should go to would be tired shocks or springs. This will cause the car to drift, a dangerous control situation that will also create problems for your tire's wear patterns.

Excessive Bounce Test

One of the first things you might notice if your suspension is getting tired is an increase in the bounciness of your vehicle. You can test the suspension's response to bumps and bounces by performing a quick test when the car is parked. Simply press on the trunk or hood of the ar to get it to start to bounce up and down on the springs. Once you stop pushing it should return to its normal ride height within 3 to 4 bounces. Any more than that and the shocks are likely overdue for replacement.

Always keep tabs on your suspension's performance as it's very important for both a safe and comfortable ride. The certified auto repair experts at Freeport Automotive routinely conduct professional suspension repair in Sacramento for all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. Our full service auto maintenance facility is equipped with the tools and parts necessary to keep your car running great all the time. To schedule professional auto repair in Sacramento give Freeport Automotive a call at (916) 389-2405 today!

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ