3 Signs it's Time for Engine Repair


With routine maintenance your vehicle's engine could easily last 200,000 miles or more. Of course, there is a possibility that something could go wrong, or if a maintenance service is missed you'll likely experience some sort of engine trouble. The following signs are some of the more common issues that you could encounter should your vehicle be due for engine repair. Never hesitate to have engine issues checked out, as they will only get worse!

Loud Engine Knocks

Another common sign of engine trouble is a loud knocking noise that is occurring. This is usually an indication that there is a problem with the engine bearings, which the moving parts of the motor rest on. If the bearings fail the engine will seize up, thus requiring an extensive engine rebuild or replacement.

Decreased Engine Power

There are many things that can cause your engine to lose its ability to properly crease power. Problems with fuel delivery, improper lubrication, air intake issues and other types of all problems can all cause your vehicle to struggle for power. You may also notice a rough idle, poor acceleration and a decrease in fuel efficiency if your engine is in need of repair.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

Often times one of the first signs that something is wrong in an engine will be an outpouring of excessive exhaust smoke. Depending on the color you can often make an educated guess about what the problem is.

  • White Exhaust Smoke - White smoke means that there is coolant being burnt up in the motor. This puts your car at high risk of overheating.
  • Black Exhaust Smoke - A vehicle emitting black smoke is burning too much fuel. There may be a problem with the fuel injection unit or a malfunctioning MAF sensor.
  • Blue Exhaust Smoke - If your car is producing lots of blue smoke then it means it's burning oil. This reduced the lubrication inside the motor, which can lead to complete failure.
Right when you notice that something is off with your car it is important to get it taken checked out, as the issue will only get worse. If you're in need of expert engine repair in Sacramento head in to Freeport Automotive. Our expert auto repair technicians are ASE Certified, meaning only professional hands will get under the hood of your car. At the first sign of trouble call (916) 389-2405 to make an appointment for superior auto repair in Sacramento today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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