Does My Car Have an Exhaust Leak?


There are some car problems that should just not be ignored. Well, in reality no problem should be ignored as any issue can cause safety or reliability concerns, but exhaust leaks rank high among dangerous problems. As your car runs it produces a highly toxic mix of pollutants that are bad for you and bad for your car. If you ever suspect an exhaust problem be sure to have it addressed right away.

Why exhaust leaks are bad

The fumes produced by your car are very hazardous to your health. Should an exhaust leak allow for the fumes to enter the passenger cabin it could cause you and anyone in your car to die. Not only are the leaks bad for your health, it can drastically hurt your car's fuel efficiency.

How to tell if your car has an exhaust leak

Detecting an exhaust leak isn't very easy to do, but there are a few common signs to look out for. Should you notice any of the following issues you will want to get to an auto repair shop as soon as possible for proper diagnostics.

Loud engine rumbling - If your car's engine suddenly starts to sound much louder than it used to, especially during acceleration, than there is a good chance that an exhaust leak is occurring. The rapid loss of air will generate the rumbling noise that may make your car sound fast, but it's not.

Vibrating gas pedal - An exhaust leak may also make the gas pedal vibrate due to the air leaking from the pipes.

Large decrease in fuel efficiency - There are many things that can cause a large drop in fuel efficiency but one of the worst is an exhaust leak. This is because the oxygen sensor, located in the exhaust system, will obtain false readings that will cause it to think that it needs to burn more gasoline than it actually does. THis may result in a drop in fuel efficiency by 25 percent or more!

While exhaust leaks are bad for your car, they're worse for you! Never hesitate to have a potential exhaust leak checked out by a professional auto repair technicians. TO schedule superior exhaust repair in Sacramento head to Freeport Automotive. Our team of ASE certified techs will get to the bottom of whatever trouble you're having at our full service auto shop. Give us a call at (916) 389-2405 to request expert auto repair in Sacramento today!

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