5 Need to Know Signs of Transmission Failure


5 Need to Know Signs of Transmission FailureThe transmission's primary task is transferring the power created by the engine to the tires, which it does via the driveshaft. If the transmission is not able to do so due to poor lubrication, a drop in hydraulic pressure, a broken gear tooth or some other issue, your vehicle may not be able to move at all. Before it gets too bad be sure to visit a transmission repair shop if you're aware of any of these signs that something is wrong with the transmission.

Delayed shifting in automatic transmission

If you drive a car with an automatic transmission and its engine starts to rev very high while shifting or before engaging in drive there is likely low levels of fluid in the transmission. This may occur if a leak develops or if the fluid is becoming stuck in a dirty transmission filter that is full of debris.

Pops out of gear

A common issue of manual transmission trouble is the transmission suddenly popping or falling out of gear. This means the transmission will go into neutral without driver direction. This is a serious danger as it causes you to lose control of your vehicle, regarding power creation. Even if only for a second, this can result in a wreck.

Won't go into gear

An obvious symptoms of a problem would be the transmission refusing to go into any or a certain gear. This is likely being caused by a chipped gear that is not allowing for synchronization to occur.

Transmission leak

If you find a reddish fluid collecting on the floor of your garage or wherever you park your vehicle there is a good chance that it is transmission fluid. Get to the shop quickly before it runs dry and you can't shift at all.

Grinding gear sounds

Another common sign of transmission trouble is the sound of metal grinding as you shift gears. You may also feel a vibrating or shaking sensation in the gear shifter should you notice this problem. It is necessary to get to a transmission repair shop when this noise starts to avoid further issues.

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