Colorful exhaust: It's time for engine repair


Modern vehicles are full of sensors that can detect the most minute trouble within the vast systems of a car or truck. However, sometimes all you need to know a problem is present is your own two eyes. It's important to always pay attention to signs that trouble may be lurking in your car, including the brakes, suspension and engine. There are many ways to detect issues using your own senses, including taking note of strange vibrations or odd noises. Another way is by keeping tabs on visual cues, such as the exhaust coming out of your vehicle's tailpipe. If you ever see excessive amounts of exhaust being emitted from the car's back end you'll want to make an appointment with your auto repair mechanic, as it could mean major trouble ahead for the engine.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Excess black exhaust generally indicates that the car is using too much gasoline to run the engine. This can result in excessive heat being produced in the motor which may lead to numerous overheating problems. Running rich, as it is called, can be caused by several problems. One of which is a faulty sensor, such as the mass airflow sensor or O2 sensor. Each of these help produce the correct air fuel mixture. If they are unable to take a correct reading the mixture will be wrong. Another problem is a leaking fuel injection unit. Yet, it could also be caused by something as small as a clogged air filter that is not letting enough fresh air in through the intake.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

If you find blue exhaust coming out of the exhaust then chances are that there is an oil leak occurring inside the motor. Oil leaks are very dangerous for vehicles as they can lead to harsh metal on metal contact amongst the moving parts of the motor. If oil leaks are left unchecked your vehicle could begin to run low on oil, thus exacerbating the unwanted grinding. This will lead to major wear and tear of the engine and may even cause it to seize up. This would result in a need for an engine rebuild or replacement.

White Exhaust Smoke

The cooling system in your vehicle has a very important job. It regulates the engine operating temperature to ensure that you don't experience what could be characterized quite literally as melting parts or blown head gaskets. If antifreeze, the fluid the cooling system utilizes to do its job, leaks into the combustion chamber it will cause the car to produce white puffy exhaust. Get this checked out as soon as possible.

If your car has began to produce mass amounts of exhaust head to the auto shop right away for proper diagnostics. If you believe you need engine repair in Sacramento get in touch with Freeport Automotive. We're a full service auto repair shop that staffs ASE Certified technicians. No matter what sort of trouble you're having we can help. Give us a call at (916) 389-2405 to request an appointment for quality auto maintenance in Sacramento today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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